The projects that you may be involved with include

  • Community Development and Institution Building
  • Resource Management
  • Advocacy and Networking
  • Cash Income and Livelihood Generation


We are looking for reliable, enthusiastic, fit individuals who are looking for a challenge and have a keen sense of adventure. You may have interests in conservation, anthropology or outdoor life or learning about varied cultures and history.

You may be a Gap Year student who wants to do something worthwhile on your year out, or a professional who wants a complete break from the normal working routine or you may be a person who wants to experience the local culture and traditions of a genuine friendly nation whilst viewing the fantastic scenery of mountains, rainforest, ricefields and sea.


Responsible Cultural Experiences Ltd. (RCE) were established in 2002 and it aims to specialise in supporting local overseas projects concerning conservation, alternate livelihoods, community development and adventurous pursuits. It follows the principles of eco-tourism and strives for better living conditions for the local population.

We have forged links with BIOCON a Non Government Organisation based on the striking island of Panay, one of the 7107 islands of the Philippines for our initial venture.


What we offer is unique, that would benefit both the local community and you the volunteer.

In the fact that the volunteer has the ability to participate in a number of activities such as project community works, adventurous pursuits, biodiversity conservation, living amongst friendly and accommodating local community, experiencing the culture and tradition of a real friendly nation and indigenous community ways of life in South East Asia.

The volunteer can journey here from any part of the world and join in country, and once your stay is over you are in the ideal location to visit other locations such as Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Borneo, Thailand, Vietnam and others.


You the volunteer will gain experience of travelling, living and sampling the local cultures. You will taste the excitement and challenge of exploring the virgin forests of the Panay Mountain Ranges and water based activities in the clear blue waters of the Sulu Sea.

You will work alongside local staff and communities in their Biodiversity Conservation and livelihood projects and contribute to something really worthwhile.

You will visit some of Panay Islands’ beautiful eco destinations plus more exciting activities.


For this initial launch we are looking for only 8 volunteers to make up our team, the duration is one month(Jan-Feb 2004), the price is substantially reduced on the understanding that you will participate in providing feed back and marketing, assess the program and complete some paperwork on your time spent.

You will have to be quick to grab this unique opportunity to be involved in developing this experience of a lifetime.


Biocon will be on the look out for any personnel they deem to have the required skills and aptitude to extend their stay after the initial four weeks to assist them in their project work. Another great opportunity not to be missed!


The cost (1200 GBP) includes accommodation, feeding, domestic flights, transportation, activities, eco visits, cultural show, visa extension and project donations.

The cost does not include international flights, personal insurance or extended stays.


Do you want this experience of a lifetime? If so, complete our on line enquiry form. Please note this offer is only available for January 2004. The outline dates are arrival on site (Pandan-Antique)11 Jan and departing 8 Feb 2004 for your onward destinations.