Year out students we offer you a unique opportunity to participate in an “experience of a lifetime”and participate in an ecotourism project in the Philippines in the heart of South East Asia.


As an RCE volunteer you may be on your “Year out” or someone who is interested in making valuable use of their time.  You will partake in a sustainable community based project assisting the local Non Government Organisation in their efforts to enhance the livelihoods of the local community and assist in their conservation efforts of their natural resources.

You will experience adventure whilst you travel through remote regions and sample the fascinating and welcoming culture first hand of the friendly people of the Philippines.  The breathtaking beauty and diversity of the local environment is not to be missed.

You can taste the excitement and meet the challenge of exploring the rain forests of the Panay mountain ranges and participate in water-based activities in the clear blue water of the Sulu Sea.

You will visit some of Antiques stunning ecotourism destinations. On your free time you may decide to visit the world-famous white sand beach of Boracay Island.

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